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Alli Peck

Glow Portraits

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Tell us a little about yourself in just two sentences.

I am a full time newborn, maternity and boudoir photographer, and a busy mom with 4 children. My husband works away so we are alone quite often.

What do you shoot with and what is your favorite lens and why?

Newborn and maternity in studio is 50 1.4, its fast and sharp.

When did you start shooting for fun and then move to shooting professionally?

As a mom i always took pictures of my babies. about 6 years ago I started professionally and have never looked back.

Are you formally taught or self taught?

Both! I have taken many courses, as well as a couple of workshops, the most fabulous being with Shellie Secretan from This n That Photography. I have also met up with some fabulous photographers Ewa from Mamique Photography and Caralee from Caralee Case Photography for a ‘playdate’.

What is your specialty and how did you decide to specialize in that area of photography?

Newborn and maternity. They go hand in hand;)I LOVE maternity, I enjoyed my pregnancies and hope to make the client i am working with feel beautiful and special during her session. Then again equally, LOVE newborns! I mean, how can you not? If my husband was up for it we would have 10 children;)

How many sessions are you shooting a month?

I work every day except Sundays…so too much! I am restructuring a few things in the next while which will include spending more time with my family and shooting less.

On average how long to do you spend editing each session and do you listen to music while editing or just enjoy the quiet?

I spend about 3 hours solid per session on edits. I end up listening to the TV to keep me company although it’s on in a different room.

What is your favorite part of the process? Shooting, editing, etc.

The time with my clients. I enjoy meeting moms to be and seeing their excited of bringing in their new baby for a session.

What is the best marketing tool that works for you or was a total waste of time? Do you advertise in print? Do you offer referral bonuses? If yes, please share a little.

It started locally by word of mouth. Clients would refer my work to their friends etc. The last couple of years facebook has been an invaluable tool for marketing and having my images views by people not in my area.

What do you do to “stand out” from surrounding photographers that you’re competing with?

I believe that in all art forms, people respond to what touches them personally, so it really will never be about competing.  My style is based around my attention to detail.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to maternity and newborn sessions. I will pose then repose a maternity client to obtain her best features and baby bump.

What do you do to help a client come out of their “shell” during a session?

By talking to them, asking them questions about their day and family .. . and just being myself:)

What do you struggle with the most?

Finding a balance between work and my family. As I mentioned above, I am confident in my clients and work to cut back a bit to spend more time with my family and still maintain a loyal clientele.

How did you find your style? Any advice to new photographers on how to find their own style?

As I am sure it is with most, I have often gained inspiration from other photographers whose images impacted me, however it is always just elements which are then tempered by my own tastes and experiences. I enjoy the use of props, but tend to keep them clean and streamlined. I love flowing looks in maternity and with newborns.

Please share your favorite image and tell us what makes this your favorite?

My favorite image is never a static thing, each time I pick up my camera and shoot, I am shooting with more experience than the last time, so each new image holds its place for a short while.

Is there anything you would like to promote? Maybe a mentoring you offer or any side projects.

I have a few projects in the works;)In the meantime, I do offer one on one mentoring.

Please share an image of your Prop stash! This doesn’t have to be an organized space just an image showing off your addiction.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to a new photographer?

Research, consistency and knowledge. I am not referring to years of courses on how to use a camera. But safety on posing newborns is a must. Nowadays cameras are so advanced that you can put it in auto and take a great image. However, the consistency won’t be there, so make sure you know how to use your camera inside/out and understand light.

Lastly, every photographer has a specialty or a technique that they are really good at. Would you share a little tip for everyone that has to do with your specialty?

I try to pose expectant moms in a way that flatters them no matter their size and use light to highlight their best features. Watching the way the light falls on to their faces and belly is important. If you are lighting the wrong way you may enable the subject to look larger than they truly are and you don’t want the mama’s to feel ungainly and unattractive.


More of Alli’s gorgeous images:

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Alli!

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Stephanie Donelson - July 13, 2012 - 11:00 am

really enjoyed this interview, thanks.

Crystal E. Jones - July 14, 2012 - 1:14 pm

Alli Peck of Glow Portraits is one of the few photographer that I follow regularly because I absolutely LOVE her work. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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