TMI Tuesday: Is it really a vacation when you just visit family?!?!

Ahhhh …. A new post that is nothing but personal and trivial ramblings.  I have been wanting to add an occasional post like this for awhile, but I can’t imagine who would want to read the posts that aren’t filled to the brim with pretty images, giveaways or great finds.  I mean … I LOVE reading other people’s blogs that are more than just the pictures.  I also love reality TV and I am a people watcher.  HHMMM … I might be on to something here.  I guess I just enjoy getting to know people through the everyday moments that make up their lives.  So, after a little inspiration from Kelly Klatt in her tip she wrote for the Prop Junkie blog (HERE) … here I am …. sharing a little bit of myself.  I am hoping my sarcasm comes across playfully, otherwise this will be painful and I apologize in advance.

(I am just going to jump right in and start this as if you are already know me.  Really, where else do I start?  My wrists can’t handle typing from the beginning and besides, beginnings and endings are usually boring or sad … it’s the middle that’s fun! Yep, I totally stole that last part from Hope Floats! Hopefully I didn’t jumble it up too much. I love that movie.)

So, back to the topic at hand …. Is it really a vacation when you just visit family?!? My answer is oh heck NO!  I love family.  Wait … I love the sentimental idea of family, but to spend well deserved time off with family, in my case on a farm, is NOT a vacation.  Especially if it involves taking your children!  I love my 4 sweet peas.  They are the best part of me, but who really wants to travel in a car with two toddlers?!  Not me.  I mean sure they are cute enough, but 8 hours strapped in a car seat would turn anyone cranky.  As parents we shiver at the thought of what it will do to an already on-the-edge-of-a-breakdown-at-any-moment toddler!  My best advice … get a car with a TV and DVD player.  Best invest my husband has ever made!  Ear plugs are totally an encouraged option too.

I mean look at them … This is after all of 5 minutes of sitting still!  There were 480 minutes to deal with during our road trip.

But wait … I am getting off topic already.  When I day dream of vacationing, honestly, I am just daydreaming of quiet, lazy, carefree time with no bottoms to wipe, no bellies to feed and no chores to be done.  This isn’t what I get when the vacation is with family.  Sure there’s plenty of good catching up time and some fried food, but there are still bottoms to wipe and bellies to feed. Plus, now you are totally out of your normal workable space and the toilet is too tall/big and the babies fall in, the internet is a step-up from dial-up and your blog won’t load because it has a bazillion images and there are only Mash reruns recorded to watch.  Getting an idea of how my “vacation” went?

I did get about 20 minutes of quiet, completely alone time just laying in the grass under the shade of trees that stand on a century old farm. Not a car, plane or basketball-playing neighbor kid to be heard.  I learned how to make my Mother-in-Law’s famous peach cobbler and onion rings.  I got about 45 minutes of shooting time in with my two littlest loves and got images that I will treasure of them on their Grandparent’s farm. A farm that their Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather started.

I love being a photographer, because it’s these images that will become my memories when I’ve forgotten everything else from our “vacation”.

I can’t wait to show these images to their Grandparents. Their excitement will make all the not-so-fun parts of our vacation fade away.

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