Tuesday’s Tip: Be a Better Blogger

Be a Better Blogger

by Kelly Klatt of Kelly Klatt Photography

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Blogging. Many photographers cringe at the word blog. Luckily, I enjoy writing and use it as my ‘mental release’! I often hear comments from friends/fans about how they enjoy reading my blog, then they’ll say, “oh and the pictures are nice too”, kind of as an afterthought! Which sometimes makes me doubt my photography skillz, but I’ll take whatever compliments I can get~haha! (us photographers are desperate for love and acceptance…not to mention, total spotlight whores…at least I am!) I digress.

I think finding your voice on your blog is an important part of your branding. You don’t have to be a comedian, but you have to at least attempt to be interesting!  Here are some tips to get the juices flowing:

Decide what your personality is, then work with it.
outgoing:  let it all hang out, tell embarrassing stories, air a little dirty laundry (while still maintaining a touch of class…this line can get blurry, believe me).
quiet/shy:  maybe you don’t tell obnoxious jokes on your blog…maybe you can describe cute little observations you made about the client you’re showcasing (ie: Little Johnny was crazy from the get-go…within 5 minutes, we had gone through every chair and prop in the studio…just when I thought the session was going to be a blurry mess, Johnny sat down on the floor, put his chin on his hands and looked right at me. God bless this 2 yr old and his moment of zen. I would read that….it’s much more interesting than, “Little Johnny sure is busy, I love his smile!”
Maternal/homebody:  If you are living in a home that pinterest would be proud to pin, or your meals put Martha Stewart to shame, blog about it!  Take a few pics and write out the step by step instructions on how you organized your pantry, or the recipe for your delicious meatball stew.  People are voyeurs and are curious about what others do in their day to day lives. Keep putting your regular sessions in the blog mix too, after all, that’s what you want them to come for!
Caring/friendly: Write about those you love, and those you care about (like your clients)…it doesn’t have to be mushy, but you can be emotional, and that draws people in…you could even link to different stories you’ve read online that have touched you(see, my mind goes right to the gutter). A good example of this is wedding photographer Jasmine Star, she has made blogging an art form. Whenever she posts a new couple on her blog, she writes out their loves story, it’s always interesting and fun to read about~even if they are perfect strangers to me!

{A little snippet from Kelly’s blog.}

More random tips:
*Write your blog like you would talk. Those that know you should comment, “I could totally hear you saying that when you wrote it!”
*Use Lists, they’re easier than actual paragraphs.  I love writing ‘top 10′ lists…you can do this for just about anything, and people love to read them!
*If you had a funny conversation with a person, write it out, conversation style.
Child: “Mommy, where is heaven on this map?” Me: What are you talking about? Child:  “Well, Canada is at the top of this map, but I don’t see Heaven on here anywhere…” (awww, isn’t that cute?  My kids are always saying strange/crazy stuff…use it to entertain others!)
*Try and blog at least twice a week…keep people coming back for more, this will help with your SEO, the more traffic your blog gets, the higher your website will be on google searches.
*Remember, you don’t have to write a novel every time you start a blog post…it can be as little as 2 sentences…just keep it up, and be yourself, and your reader-base will grow!

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Kat - June 6, 2012 - 8:23 pm

GREAT tips!!!

Jennifer - June 26, 2012 - 11:24 pm

I love this! Now I want to go read Kelly’s blog =)And I also want to re-write a post I worked on all day. When I’m writing about things to try and be informational or helpful, I think I really come off as a know it all.

Great post! ;)

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