Tuesday’s Tip: Using Color

Using color to make your image POP!

by Kattrina Holt

Sassafras Photography

Well if you didn’t know I love me some color!!! I am always incorporating it in my images, I just can’t seem to live without it. Whether it be in my backgrounds, props, or clothing,
you can usually find it somewhere.


I am always looking for locations that can add to my pictures. sometimes I get clients who aren’t very color savvy in their clothing choice. That leads me to usually recommend a location that will give the image the pop I love so much. If you can find spots that allow you to bring in color it really doesn’t matter as much if your client wore black or basic white. my favorite place to find fun color is usually in an urban shoot. I love pulling color out of old brick and buildings! Go on a walk-A-bout and scope out some new locations!


Props are another way of adding color to an image if it is lacking. One of the perfect examples is of a bride. you of course usually have a beautiful bouquet to work with, but you can’t use it in every image. Adding a colorful umbrella, shoe, hat, or even necklace can really draw your attention to an otherwise monotone photo! The greatest news is you can find props just about anywhere, just keep your eyes open and on the lookout for unique props that can add to your images……. especially if they are colorful;)


Obviously clothing can add so much dimension to a photograph! I remember the days of the whole family all matchy matchy in the basic polo. Well, those days are gone! Clients are always asking me what to wear and my answer is always….. color! If you’re not good and putting color together grab a color wheel or even look on pinterest, there are so many color palette ideas. I am always posting unique color ideas to my own board so go give it a try. If you can get color in an image with clothing you don’t typically have to worry as much. you will be able to shoot almost anywhere and make your image pop!

If your like me and you can’t get enough color you can do all three! I included a picture of my daughters school picture. I loved the rich background, and her vibrant pink (her favorite color)! To make it me I added a total left ball pop of green in there with her shoes. Probably not the color she would wear normally with her outfit, but in a picture it gives it a little zing! well I hope you enjoyed my little rant on color, now go out there and taste the rainbow;)


Thank You SO much Kattrina for sharing with us!

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Pamela Wyatt - March 14, 2012 - 9:24 am

Fabulous article!!!! Love your urban locations!!!!

Becky - March 15, 2012 - 10:43 am

Love the tips! I love it when clients are not afraid to wear color!

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