Studio Envy: A Yummy Life Photography

Jodie Palmer

Site : Facebook

Studio Location: Downtown Salt Lake City, UT

Jodie shares that …

“There are also several of us that rent the space and we all have our own offices as well.”

She goes on to add …

“I have to pinch myself sometimes that I actually have a studio downtown. It’s awesome!”

Oh how I just LOVE this big display of large images!  I have also have a large display in my office and I just adore it.

When asked why Jodie decided to have a dedicated studio space instead of a home studio she replied …

“I decided on a dedicated studio because I had tried a home studio and for me it wasn’t good. My clients would have to walk threw my home to get to the room I was shooting in so I’d be stressed for hours before the shoot trying to keep the house clean. Let’s just say I was a little crazy and wasn’t very pleasant to be around.”

Wait … that’s sound pretty familiar!  I am doing that this weekend actually.  Jodie also went on to share …

“I knew that if I wanted to have a career in this industry that I would need a super rad studio. I think that it just enhances my clients’ experience with me that much more. I love now that I can walk away from a dirty house, leave my kids behind for an hour and just concentrate on my clients and making their experience with A Yummy Life Photography a delightful one.”

“The studio includes 2 shooting areas.  A natural light studio with large windows and a second studio where strobes and backdrops are used”

Images Shot In and Around the Studio:

Thank You SO much Jodie for sharing your studio space with us!



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Sandy Frazee - July 10, 2011 - 11:20 am


Jodi Palmer - July 10, 2011 - 11:33 am

Thank you Tabitha for the lovely post. Have a great weekend.

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