Tuesday’s Tip: Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box: Scarf/Cocoon

by Tabitha Frohardt-Johnson

I came across this great cowl neck scarf at Target several weeks ago on clearance for $6 and at the time I grabbed it for sessions this fall.  Then the other day I picked it up while organizing my prop stash and got a GREAT idea!  I can totally use this as a newborn cocoon!  I had already used it as a small blanket for newborn portraits and love using it that way but it hadn’t dawned on me to think of it as a cocoon. So, here’s a few “how to” images to share my idea with you all …

Here it is as a small blanket for a newborn session … I LOVE the color and texture.  It’s a great addition to trencher trays and trench bowls or a great touch of softness and color in a Vintage Hanging Scale!

Here it is folded into a cocoon.  I simply held it so you could see down through it and laid it in a pile in the trencher. Closed the ends together that were on the trencher and leaving the top open and loose.

You would lay your baby on top of the cocoon/scarf first. {Please excuse my model.  I didn’t have any newborns laying around!}

Next fold the legs in and pull the cocoon up over the legs and hips.

Lastly, fold the arms in and hold snugly while pulling the top of the cocoon/scarf up and around the head and shoulders.  Then just adjust the drape to your liking.

Here is an image with this scarf being used as a blanket …

Hope this gave you some ideas!



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cayce wegman - September 23, 2011 - 8:00 am

Such a great idea! I’m always looking for “other” things to use as opposed to buying actual newborn knit blankets…they tend to be a little more than my budget can allow. THANKS!!

Tabitha - September 23, 2011 - 12:48 pm

I agree Cayce! I was so surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. LOL!

Polly - January 6, 2012 - 12:22 pm

Too cute with the monkey model! Love it! You are so generous with your tips…thank you!

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